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Address :

Corner Sturrock & SL Mathias Road

Type :

Falnir, Mangalore

Commercial & Polyclinics

Price :

- 30 Lakhs

Floors :

7 Floors (2B+G+4)

No of Units :

98 Commercial Units

Completion :

30 September 2025

Modern Polyclinics, Medicals, Shops and Office Spaces situated at the corner of SL Mathias and Sturrock Road, Falnir

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Introducing Westline Salubrity, a Contemporary Jewel at the prominent intersection of two significant streets, Sturrock Road and SL Mathias Road. This architectural masterpiece has been meticulously crafted to captivate the eye and inspire awe among all who pass by. With its innovative layout and prime location, this building is poised to become a hub of activity and a symbol of prestige.

Leaf Pattern Design


Situated in an area renowned for its concentration of polyclinics, this building presents an unparalleled opportunity for healthcare professionals and businesses within the healthcare sector. Doctors and specialists will find an ideal setting to establish their practices, capitalizing on the existing demand for medical services in the region. The building's strategic location ensures easy accessibility for patients and the convenience of nearby amenities further adds to its appeal.

However, the allure of this commercial building extends beyond the realm of healthcare. With its two levels and surface parking areas, it boasts ample space to accommodate a variety of businesses. From prestigious office spaces for corporate entities to elegant retail boutiques, the building caters to diverse needs, providing a platform for success for businesses from a range of industries.

Leaf Pattern Design
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