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Address :

NH66, Near Planet SKS

Type :

Kadri, Mangalore

IT Park & Hotel

Price :

- Rental Only

Floors :

52 Floors (6B+G+45)

No of Units :

Mall + IT Prak

Completion :

31 December 2026

Cubix is a state-of-the-art commercial building designed to provide businesses with the perfect environment to grow and thrive. Located on NH66, it provides easy access from and to different parts of the city.

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Cubix features modern, spacious office units that are designed to maximize productivity and collaboration. Advanced IT infrastructure facilities ensure that your business has the technology it needs to succeed. Our building also boasts a range of onsite amenities, including multiple cafeterias, restaurants, auditoriums, conference rooms, banquet hall, fitness centre, and serviced residences. These facilities provide a comfortable and convenient workspace for you and your employees.

With 24/7 security and onsite management, you can trust that your business and its assets are safe. Choose Cubix for your business's next home and experience the best in commercial real estate.

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Function effectively and efficiently

Large open office layout to accommodate the business's operations and employees Flexible and adaptable to allow for future growth Well-designed and functional, with features such as natural light, large column spans, and an area for appropriate storage and equipment Accessible and convenient for your employees and clients Safe and secure, with appropriate measures in place to protect the business's assets and the well-being of employees and visitors Affordable and within the budget of the business

Located in an area conducive to the business's operations and visibility.

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